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Tips for hiring a concrete pump

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If you work in the construction industry, there is a high chance that you will need equipment to perform specific jobs. Buying or hiring a concrete pump is a considerable commitment hence the need to ensure you get a return on your investment. The following tips will guide your hiring of a concrete pump.

Quality equipment

It is advisable to research potential companies that rent out concrete pumps. This allows you to choose a reputable company with quality equipment that guarantees your investment. Quality concrete pumps may be expensive to rent, but the cost is worth it as they are safe and effective. If you use the lowest price as a determinant for renting the equipment, you may waste your money. The quality of the equipment may be low, and it may malfunction, delaying your timeline. It may also increase cost, as you may need to rent another concrete pump. Instead, look at the equipment's quality before hiring it. 


Safety in a construction site is one reason to hire from a trusted company. Before hiring a concrete pump; therefore, an inspection is necessary. An inspection ensures that all components work properly. You should also ask the company to start the motor to ensure it works. Other parts, such as boom and outriggers, should work correctly.

You should also consider site safety before renting a concrete pump. Evaluate the construction site and determine a level site where the equipment is stable. You should also position other construction equipment away from the concrete pump to prevent them from being knocked over.

Protective equipment and signals

Before renting a concrete pump, you should ensure your employees have protective gear. The failure to provide protective equipment may lead to worksite injuries as concrete may cause chemical burns. You should offer protective equipment such as gloves, high visibility clothing and proper footwear.

In addition to offering protective equipment, you should teach your workers hand signals. When a concrete pump is in operation, it is loud; hence it drowns out any noise or attempts to communicate. Creating hand signals, such as start and stop, can aid communication.

Type of concrete pump

Each construction job has different needs, which may determine the kind of concrete pump you need. With varying types of concrete pumps, you may need the guidance of a rental company to determine which type suits your construction project. Other factors such as the volume of concrete, size of the stone and mix design will influence type selection. Speak with a concrete pumping contractor about your needs.