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Benefits Of Polished Concrete Flooring For Your Business

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Whether you manage a large warehouse or a small retail store, polished concrete flooring has a range of benefits. Here are some ways it can help your business.

Durable And Easy Maintenance

Because polished concrete is robust and highly resistant to foot traffic, you'll save time, as you won't have to regularly move large display cases or other bulky items around to apply different treatments to the floor. The polish also resists marks from forklift truck tyres and staining from oil or chemical spills, which helps it maintain its good looks for longer. Your business will save money by not spending so much on upkeep and cleaning; all this flooring will need is a wipe with a damp mop.

Reflective Surface 

When installing polished concrete, you get to choose the level of sheen for the final surface. You can go with a flat or satin finish or choose a high gloss. If it's for a hotel lobby, you might prefer a gleaming shine, but for a warehouse, you can select a less shiny finish. A glossy surface gives your business premises a bright, clean, professional image. Also, light-reflective flooring enhances the ambient lighting in the building, which can help to decrease lighting costs throughout the year.

Various Design Options

The level of sheen is not the only customisation option; you can also select from a vast array of designs and colours for your polished concrete flooring. Contractors can apply stains and dyes to generate colour or create decorative patterns using stencils. You can feature your company's logo or colours within the flooring. Stains react with the concrete to develop earthy-looking surfaces, whereas dyes offer more intense and bright colours. 

You can also pick from a range of faux finishes so that the concrete mimics natural stone or other substances. Coloured aggregates, another choice, can produce gorgeous surfaces once the polishing process reveals the underlying decorative stones and elements. Alternatively, you can stick with grey polished concrete for a simple and industrial feel.

Refresh An Existing Surface

If you want to upgrade your business's flooring without ripping it up and starting over, a polished concrete overlay offers an economical option. This commercial concreting solution involves layering existing concrete with new cement surface and polishing it, which will save you the time and expense of constructing an entirely new floor. This works best on existing concrete in relatively good condition; minor issues won't cause a problem so long as it's structurally sound overall.

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